Monday, August 20, 2007

A report from Pisco, Peru

Over the weekend, I traveled into the earthquake-devastated region of Southern Peru and spent a night in the town of Pisco. I have put together a two-minute slideshow of my photographs from that visit.

It is very difficult to describe the devastation of what has now been designated an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. The city is in complete ruins and the stench of death is everywhere. It's a frightening place. Yet, the people there are already pulling together and helping each other survive this disaster.

The most current figures put the death-toll at 540 but it's almost certain that number will increase substantially as aid efforts shift from searching for survivors to recovering bodies.

Eduardo Romero continues to scour the internet for news stories and has an exhaustive set of links to English-language stories over at his blog, Peruvia.

Find out more about Peru, South America and my varied interests over on Klephblog.

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